A pioneering  and leading researcher on Hovenia dulcis( raisisn Tree) since 1996

Researcher / Manufacturer / Raw Material Supplier

In the year of 1996, the R&D team at Lifetree Biotech set out to unravel the mysteries of this plant in the
center of the Korea Forest Research Institute (www.kfri.go.kr)  which for all its mysteries and legends, was
best known for its outstanding medicinal benefits. After years of research, the Lifetree scientists have
succeeded in identifying the healing substance in Hovenia and have condensed it in
(The world`s  very first  hovenia  product).

The headquarter of Lifetree Biotech is  the Korea first domestic venture  laboratory
founded through the Korean government's Research Laboratory Funding Program
on hovenia research in the year of 2000.

Lifetree’s founder and CEO, Dr. Chun-soo Na, is a renowned Korean Government
Research Official (KGRO) with strong scientific credentials and years of experience
in biological research since 1970s. Dr.Na has been known as a leading researcher on hovenia dulcis  over
decades, and he founded Lifetree with the goal of researching and developing highly effective, yet safe
natural products, functional health supplements from Korean native botanicals that will prevent and provide
relief for liver dysfunctions.

Lifetree is sponsored by various Korean government agencies including the
Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Energy, Ministry of Science & Technology,
and the Ministry of Agriculture. Registered with the U.S. FDA (#18005780514).

The Korea Presidential Awards in 2001 and 2012
in recognition of Lifetree`s  contribution to National Industrial Development  
on the distinguished Hovenia dulcis  research.

What is Hovenia dulcis ?

Hovenia Dulcis  has been highly prized by oriental herbalists for centuries for its
mystical healing powers for a wide range of liver dysfunctions. It has been a part of
diet as a food stuff from ancient times as well. According to the research of Purdue
University, the Book of Songs (Confucius, 551-479 BCE)  mentions 44 food plants
(as compared to the Bible which names 29). These include: barley, rice,  soybean,
peach, pear, plum,Chinese jujube, Chinese chestnut, white mulberry (Morus alba),
oak (Quercus), pine (Pinus), brown pepper,... ,and raisin tree (Hovenia dulcis) [8]

Hovenia dulcis (raisin tree) is a hardy tree found from Asia, over Korea and Eastern
China to the Himalayas (up to the altitudes of 2,000m), growing preferably sunny
position of moist sandy or loamy soils. The tree and its berries are mentioned in old
Korean traditional medicine books dating hundreds of years back as an effective
treatment for wide range of liver diseases.

Common name: Hovenia, raisin tree, Honey tree,Jiguja        
Family: Rhamnaceae
Species :H. Dulcis       
Binomial Name :Hovenia dulcis Thunb
Synonyms: Hovenia inequalis, Hovenia acerba
Range: E. Asia
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