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Hovenia dulcis & Rhus verniciflua stokes Research since 1996
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In the year of 1996, the R&D team at LifeTree Biotech set out to unravel the secrtes of Hovenia dulcis in the center of
the Korea Forest Research Institute (www.kfri.go.kr) which for all its mysteries and legends, was best known for its
outstanding medicinal benefits. After years of research, the LifeTree scientists have succeeded in identifying the healing substance
in Hovenia and have condensed it in
HD-1, LifeTree`s certified Hovenia dulcis extract powder.

LifeTree Biotech founder and CEO, Dr. Chun-Soo Na, is a renowned Korean Government Research Official (KGRO)
with strong scientific credentials and years of experience in biological research since 1970s. Dr. Na has been known as a
leading researcher on hovenia dulcis over the past 2 decades. He founded LifeTree  Biotech with the goal of researching
and developing
highly effective, yet safe natural products, functional health supplements from Korean native botanicals
that will prevent and provide relief for various liver dysfunctions.

LifeTree`s research had been spotlighted through major TV channels on its outstanding achievements in identifying medicinal
substances solely comes from a single species named hovenia dulcis; the news announcement caused a great sensation on
a Bio‐ industry and marketplace on health functional products; now hovenia has been very familiar name
to Korean people as a liver healing tree with outstanding alcohol-detoxification efficacy.

Korea FDA Authority ( Ministry of Food and Drug , www.mfds.go.kr) has a unique regulation system comparing to other
countries. It has one more category on Health Functional Food and new drug from natural substances in addition to the food and
drug sections; to prove its efficacy and safety, years taking safety evaluation on in‐vitro, in‐vivo should be evaluated and should
pass human clinical trial tests to get a final approval. This regulations and law eventually activated bio‐industry and its researches
in Korea and allows high credibility on natural functional products.

Korea FDA Certified / Clinically Tested
-Lifetree`s hovenia  dulcis berry extract powder/  Health Functional Raw material
The Korea Food & Drug Administration approved LifeTree`s Hovenia dulcis berry extract powder (HD-1) as a
health functional raw material in October 2008 and 2013
 by compliance with Article 14 and 15 of the Health Functional
Food Act of Republic of Korea through years-taking human clinical research studies with stringent safety evaluations.

The Korea Presidential Awards in the year of 2001 ( Dr. Chun-soo Na) and 2012 ( LifeTree Biotech):
In recognition of LifeTree`s contribution to National Industrial Development on the distinguished Hovenia dulcis research.

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