Common name : Hovenia , Raisin Tree, Japanese Raisin Tree
Biologically Active Compounds
for Hepatoprotective Effects in Hovenia

- The synergistic benefit of a variety of components in the Hovenia extract( HD-1) that make it effective. H. dulcis
contains a variety of biologically active compounds (antioxidants, flavonoids) including saponin derivatives,
dammarane-type triterpene saponins, hodulosides I – V and flavonoids hovenodulinol ,hovenitin I,
dihydromyricetin (DHM), (−)-catechin, (+)-afzelechin, quercetin, etc.* [ (1), (2), (5)]

KFDA Certificate on Lifetree`s hovenia  dulcis berry extract powder
(Raisin Tree, Health Functional Raw material)

The Korea Food & Drug Administration approved Lifetree Hovenia dulcis berry extract powder (HD-1) as a health
functional raw material in October 2008 and 2013  by compliance with Article 14 and 15 of the Health Functional
Food Act of Republic of Korea through
years taking human clinical research studies with its long-term safety

Health claims approved by Korea FDA
May help protect liver from alcohol damage*
May help improve exercise capacity*[(3)]
May help relieve fatigue caused by stress* [(3)]

Safety Evaluation on Lifetree Hovenia dulcis extract (HD-1)
- Acute oral toxciity limit test by Biological Test Center, USA
- Biotoxtech for its safety and non-toxic qualities through 2002~2003
Single dose  toxicity study(oral)
Micronucleus test
In vitro Reverse Mutation study
In vitro Chromosomal Aberration study
-  Clinical Test for activity improvement _atheltets / Doping Analysis Test by KIST in 2002
(Korea Institute of Science and Technology)

Hovenia Dulcis

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Media on hovenia efficacy by UCLA Researcher
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-Rhus Verniciflua Strokes (RVS) extract standardized on Fustin
-2015 Published Research Journals by Liftree Biotech R&D

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