Biologically Active Compounds for Hepatoprotective Effects in Hovenia
The synergistic benefit of a variety of components in the Hovenia extract that make it effective. H. dulcis
contains a variety of biologically active compounds (antioxidants, flavonoids) including saponin derivatives,dammarane-type triterpene,
saponins, hodulosides I – V and flavonoids hovenodulinol, hovenitins I, II and III, (−)-catechin, (+)-afzelechin, dihydrokaempferol,

Quercetin, Toxifolin, Myricetin, Ampelopsin( dihydromyricetin,DHM).* [3]
-[3]-HPLC Determination of Bioactive Flavonoids in Hovenia dulcis Fruit Extracts Journal of Chromatographic Science, Volume 54, Issue 2, 1
February 2016 _LifeTree Biotech R&D-

LifeTree Hovenia`s  Proven Efficacy & Best Quality
Korea FDA Certified 2008, 2013 through Clinical Test and Stringent Safety Evaluations     
(Standardized on Quercetin with naturally occurring DHM flavonoid)

-Health claims approved by Korea FDA for LifeTree`s Hovenia dulcis berry extract powder-
May help protect liver from alcohol damage.
May help improve exercise capacity.
May help relieve fatigue caused by stress.

History of hovenia use**
K’ung Fu Tzu (Latinized as Confucious) lived from 551–470 BCE, and considered the author Book of Songs.
The book includes 300 traditional songs of the Zhou Dynasty (1066–221 BCE) with hundreds of references to food,
providing an agricultural picture of the  age. Book of Songs mentions 44 food plants. Raisin tree (Hovenia dulcis) is
included in the 44 food list as fruits    
- History of Agricultural and Horticultural Technology in Asia
Professor Jules Janick / Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture/ Purdue University* [7]

What is Hovenia dulcis? * [6]
Plant Extract Attenuates the Effects of Alcohol (The Journal of Neuroscience, January 4, 2012)

Fruit of the Japanese raisin tree, Hovenia dulcis, has long been used in East Asia to reduce alcohol intoxication and
treat alcohol poisoning. It does this partly by speeding alcohol catabolism: extracts of the fruit increase the activity of alcohol
dehydrogenase and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase.  Additional effects of H. dulcis may make it useful in treating alcohol withdrawal.
Chronic alcohol use reduces GABAergic inhibition, thus producing tolerance and causing withdrawal symptoms
such as anxiety and increased seizure susceptibility

Hovenia dulcis is listed among the premier anti-hangover herbal medicines in China’s first pharmacopoeia, the Tang
Materia Medica (Su, 659).
Hovenia extracts ameliorate alcohol induced liver injuries (Du et al., 2010) and relieves hangover,partly by
promoting EtOH elimination via enhancement of alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH) activity (Kim et
al., 2000; Chen et al., 2006).

Dihydromyricetin As a Novel Anti-Alcohol Intoxication Medication:*[6]
Hovenia dulcis is a premier source of DHM.

Published Scientific Research Atricles by LifeTree Biotech R&D

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-Used material: Lifetree Hovenia dulcis extract powder, 2017-

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DHM is one of various flavonoid compounds found in Hovenia dulcis.
-Total flavonoids purified from Hovenia are 4.53% of the extract, of which DHM
accounts for ~40% according to the The Journal of Neuroscience, January 4, 2012
Hovenia dulcis Bioactive Compound
Alcohol Detoxification & Hepatoprotective Effects

Common name : Hovenia dulcis, 헛개나무, Raisin Tree, Oriental Raisin Tree, Korean Raisin Tree, Honey Tree
Binomial name: Hovenia dulcis Thunb
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